Few organizations have the time and resources to develop and implement effective strategies. Even fewer have experience in reducing risk while enhancing long-term profitability, community and environmental impacts. We’re excellent at this and are committed to sharing our knowledge and experience to help.


Every organization experiences periods of crisis. ‘Crisis’ can be bad (e.g. long-term revenue decline) or good (e.g. rapid growth stretching our capacity). These periods of crisis are especially challenging because normal business tools are not well-suited for managing in environments of extreme uncertainty. We have developed a series of simple tools that can help.


We are experienced in guiding a strategy process that: (i) diagnoses the organization’s core challenges and goals; (ii) defines a clear plan that is easily communicated to all staff and stakeholders; and, (iii) focuses the organization’s resources upon the key activities. Click here to download our whitepaper regarding the basics of good strategy.


Organizations need tools that project the financial, operational and mission impacts of its decisions. We have developed a series of tools, online reports and real-time dashboards tailored to meet these needs. Click here to download a whitepaper that reviews the steps we take when designing information systems to support an organization’s needs.


We have created simple tools that help organizations identify the competencies required to achieve their goals and recognize which: exist within the organization; can be acquired; or, should be outsourced. Click here for a humorous PowerPoint developed by Thomas Brennan of the Green Garage Detroit which demonstrates this challenge.

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