Most people mistake ‘strategy’ with goals or tactics. Good strategy takes thoughtful design and disciplined implementation. Click here to download our whitepaper regarding the basics of good strategy.


Focused, coherent actions should naturally flow from your strategy. Click here to download a series of planning templates designed to help you organize and implement your strategic plan. (Excel format)


Organizations need systems that allow them to measure their progress, learn from these actions and use this knowledge to adapt future activities. We have developed a series of tools, online reports and real-time dashboards tailored to meet these needs. Click here to download a whitepaper that reviews the steps we take when designing information systems to support an organization’s needs.


When starting or expanding an organization, it’s important to identify the competencies required for success. Click here for a humorous PowerPoint developed by Thomas Brennan of the Green Garage Detroit which demonstrates this challenge. As with all good PowerPoint presentations, this is the visual representation of a discussion regarding “competencies”. Please feel free to give us a call if you would like to review this presentation via a virtual or in-person meeting.

Click here to download a simple tool that can help you assess if your organization has the competencies needed to design and implement your strategy. (Excel format)

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