Self-Serve Website Builder: a dot-com…not a dot-bomb

It was 1999 and the dot-com boom was nearing its peak. The Company was developing a cutting-edge, self-serve website builder for the small-business market; however, it faced two problems: 1) retaining its tech team in the face of dot-com raiders seeking to pirate its talent; and, 2) creating a business strategy that allowed the Company to grow in the If it’s on the Web, it’s free culture of the dot-com boom. Click for More Details

Online Advertising Firm Needs a New Plan

The Company had created a proprietary system for creating and managing pay-per-click keyword advertising campaigns on the leading search engines (i.e. Google, bing and Yahoo). The technology was world-class but the Company was burning cash…with no end in sight. Click for More Details

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