Opportunity Zone Fund  
  Investment Comparison Calculator  
  What this Calculator Does:
This calculator compares the after-tax returns of an Opportunity Zone Fund investment to an investment that is not an Opportunity Zone Fund, which we'll call the "Alternative Investment".
  How to use this Calculator
Fill-in the cells with blue text.
The after-tax return and internal rate of return for the each investment is displayed at the bottom.
  Opportunity Zone Fund  Investment Year  
  Investment Holding Period (years)  
  Opportunity Zone Fund Appreciation Rate  
  Alternative Investment Appreciation Rate  
  Filing Status (select from drop-down list)
  Ordinary Income  
  Capital Gains  
  Capital Gains Invested in Opportunity Zone Fund NA  
  AGI Adjustment  
  Itemized Deductions  
  INVESTMENT RETURNS Opportunity Zone Fund Alternative Investment  
  TAXES Opportunity Zone Fund Alternative Investment  
  Capital Gains Taxes on Opportunity Zone Fund or Alternative Investment  
  Total Taxes Paid   
  After-Tax Return on Investment   
  Tax Saving from OZ Fund Investment     
  After-Tax Internal Rate of Return *  
  * The After-Tax Internal Rate of Return is the after-tax interest rate (or yield) of an investment.  The higher the IRR the greater the investment's return.   
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