what we do: interim executives


It is not unusual for business owners, boards of directors and private equity funds to recognize the need for a change in management. This need may be temporary (commonly due to health and personal issues of key executives) or permanent. Insights3 can provide the required executive talent to fill your immediate needs. Giving you the time needed to retain permanent executive talent or sell the entity.

Candidates are thoroughly vetted senior executives who prefer the immediacy and challenge of solving short-term needs over retirement or permanent full-time positions. They are ready to take on your challenges and offer value based on their previous successes.


why consider interim management?

      • Speed - Start in days, with minimum recruitment and termination formalities

      • Experience - Usually overqualified, bringing tremendous experience to address your business issues

      • Results - Deliver consistently and quickly

      • Knowledge Transfer - Transfer skills, contacts and experience to your team, which will remain long after they have left

      • Objective - Sensitive to your company’s ethos but not constrained by its politics, personalities, or protocols

      • Focused - Can be given critical tasks and their performance measured against it

      • Cost Effective - Keep down permanent head count

      • Delivery – Act as a counsel to Senior Management and/or the Board while implementing strategy and producing results

immediate response without risk

We accept only those assignments that we can deliver. At the outset, we establish a clear understanding of your requirement and their feasibility.


Our process is open and transparent. We do not require any upfront fees.



Schedule a confidential phone interview with an Insights advisor. Use this conversation to learn if we can provide to you the results you need.